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Tire Software Success Stories

In this economy, we have sold less tires than in previous years but with the tools and partnership provided by TCS, we actually increased our profit margins – improving our bottom line. I let the software do the micromanaging of my business so I can focus on what counts! We partnered with TCS just over a year ago and I am not sure how we ever got along without it.
Tom Wylie
Discount Wheel and Tire
Texarkana, TX

About Us

In their ninth year of business, TCS has bolted to the forefront as a leader in the industry by continuing to provide new features and improvements to its already reliable, business enhancing product. TCS prides itself on being more than a software, says Barry Reese, Director of Sales and Marketing. It's simplified operations, it's customer satisfaction, it's realized potential. We equip your business with the tools, resources and support to manage your business and keep you moving towards your goals and visions.

Our Mission

TCS's mission is to work relentlessly to provide its clients the best customer support in the industry. When an issue does arise, it is a comfort to know a competent and knowledgeable support staff is there to walk the customer through an issue step by step. Their staff is always ready to assist at a moments call, yet having a software product built and tested internally from the ground up allows for a more stable, reliable product. This reduces support time spent on issues and allows more quality time for their staff to work with the client to produce a total business solution for their business. When we provide you a software solution, it only begins a business relationship with you to help ensure your success in the future says Barry Reese, Director of Sales and Marketing. You need a solution and business partner dedicated to your development, growth and desire for excellence. We at TCS look forward to building this relationship with you.