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Tire Software Success Stories

In this economy, we have sold less tires than in previous years but with the tools and partnership provided by TCS, we actually increased our profit margins – improving our bottom line. I let the software do the micromanaging of my business so I can focus on what counts! We partnered with TCS just over a year ago and I am not sure how we ever got along without it.
Tom Wylie
Discount Wheel and Tire
Texarkana, TX

Client Services

One of the great features of our software is the ability to use "off the shelf" PC's which can be purchased separate from our software package. We normally recommend you find a local technician you trust to handle any networking or setup of your store. Yet we have the knowledge to provide you a complete hardware solution for your business as well, or to consult you on your own purchase. What a concept! Giving the customer options to ensure peace of mind is another way we do things differently. No matter how you handle your hardware and networking, we are only a phone call away to help you or your local technician with any questions to get your store running smoothly and efficiently.